Top 3 Personality Traits for Bankruptcy Attorneys​

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney, experience is essential. In Utah, your bankruptcy lawyer also needs a solid understanding of federal laws as well as the regulations and procedures of the local district court in Salt Lake City.

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While knowledge and expertise are the primary characteristics to look for in a bankruptcy attorney, personality is also important. For the best possible experience, look for a local bankruptcy attorney who makes you feel comfortable and inspires your trust.

Your Bankruptcy Attorney Must Be Patient and Understanding

The burden of dealing with mounting debt can leave you feeling stressed out and worried for your financial future. Making the decision to declare bankruptcy can be painful, and taking the step to meet with an attorney requires courage.

A good bankruptcy lawyer understands these challenges and has the patience to address all of your concerns. A lawyer with a relaxed and reassuring personality will help make you feel better about your situation. While you may never be thrilled about filing for bankruptcy, you should leave your initial consultation with a feeling of trust and a more positive outlook.

Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Must Have Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is an exchange of ideas that requires both speaking and listening. The bankruptcy lawyer you hire must be skilled in both roles.

You will rely on your bankruptcy attorney to provide sound legal advice that is appropriate for your situation. Planning an effective approach to your case requires a willingness to listen and the ability to ask probing but compassionate questions about your financial situation.

At the same time, your bankruptcy lawyer must be able to communicate clearly to prevent misunderstandings. This provides assurance that you will never leave your attorney’s office confused or unsure about how your case will proceed. And because follow-up is a key component of good communication, look for an attorney who takes a proactive role in moving your case along.

Look for a Bankruptcy Attorney Who Is Passionate About the Process

You wouldn’t choose a knee transplant specialist to perform your open heart surgery. Likewise, asking a family law or personal injury attorney to handle your bankruptcy case doesn’t make sense. Different aspects of law require attorneys to develop specialized skillsets.

Look for a bankruptcy lawyer who is passionate about helping clients resolve their financial difficulties, rather than one who seems to be going through the motions. You’ll be more likely to achieve a better outcome if the lawyer who represents you in court is enthusiastic about their work.

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