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Staring at a massive pile of debt can be terrifying, but paying off your debts completely is one of the most rewarding feelings. If you're buried in debt, you need an attorney who can help you set up a repayment plan ASAP. Lewis Adams & Reiser offers legal assistance to stop creditors from calling you and to get your life back on track.

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There are several ways you can slip into debt. These are three of the most common types we run into at our firm and how you can escape them:

  1. To get out of credit card debt, your lawyer can help you file for bankruptcy or create another debt management program.
  2. To get out of tax debt, you will need to set up an installment agreement to pay back the government.
  3. To get out of student loan debt, you will need to set up a federal student loan repayment plan with your lawyer.

Lewis Adams & Reiser helps clients in West Jordan and Murray, UT get out from under piles of debt. Contact us today to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.